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Professional glassware for professionals

Spiegelau offers a wide variety of machine blown stemware, barware and wine decanters for the professional user. The factory has in total more than 400 SKUs in its portfolio for different types of venues, like fine dining, casual dining and banqueting:

Fine Dining Casual Dining Banqueting
150204-0003 casual dining winelovers
Renaissance Vino Grande Wine Lovers

The Platinum Glass Process: Brilliance & Durability

While still a liquid, Spiegelau glass passes through platinum-lined tubes to eliminate any imperfections and inconsistencies that can be introduced by other linings. This results in wine glasses independently verified to resist scratching, markings, loss of brilliance or change in color after 1,500 dishwasher cycles, and improves the shock resistance of the glass.

While more expensive, this innovative use of technology proves Spiegelau’s commitment to quality.

We are constantly expanding our collection.

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